What to do in Vielha?

Hotel Urogallo is located in the center of Vielha, in the heart of the Aran Valley. A natural and privileged environment, surrounded by mountains, lakes and natural parks, with a wide range of leisure and activities throughout the year.

What to do in Vielha?

Activities all year round in the Aran Valley

Spas, museums, Romanesque architecture, adventure activities, trekking, family outings, lakes, mountain bike routes, 4x4 rides, via ferratas, cultural visits, among other activities. In our environment you can enjoy doing activities related to skiing, snow bikes, heliskiing, snow sledding, snowshoeing. In addition, you can find around the Hotel Urogallo a wide range of leisure and gastronomy with typical products from the Aran Valley.


This wide range of leisure, nature and culture activities make the Aran Valley an ideal environment for all people who want to visit us as families with children, athletes, nature lovers, gastronomy lovers, culture lovers, motorcyclists, cyclists, etc.

Activities around the Hotel Urogallo



You will find in El Valle de Arán a great concentration of churches and sanctuaries, possibly the largest in all the Pyrenees. Churches such as Sant Miquéu de Vielha, Era Mair de Diu dera Purificación de Bossost, the 12th century Church of Santa Maria de Arties or the Montgarri Sanctuary, anchored in the middle of nature in the heart of the Aran Valley are examples of culture Romanesque that we will find in this privileged environment.

You can also visit the various museums that will take you into the ancient culture of the inhabitants of the Aran Valley. Fabrica Dera Lan (of wool), Museu Etnològic Val d'Aran, PyrenMuseu, Museu eth Corrau, Musèu dera Nhèu, Ecomusèu Çò de Joanchiquet, among others.

Typical are also the traditional fairs and festivals of the different towns of the Aran Valley that come from immemorial times and the Traditional Aranese Dances. Festivities such as Eth Haro in Les and Eth Taro in Arties, which culminate the summer solstice with the burning of the trunk of a fir tree as an act of demand for the purification of the lands, remain intact and faithfully remind us of what life was like in the valley centuries ago.

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The Aran Valley is a natural environment that has many kilometers of marked trails, large peaks and lakes of glacial origin that will allow you to enjoy landscapes in the middle of nature.

The range of activities is wide, aimed both at families, children, people who are simply looking for easy and low-level activities or people who love nature with a certain level and who want to enjoy more technical routes and activities of greater difficulty.

Some of the multi-adventure and mountain activities that can be practiced are:

•       Rafting

•       Trekking

•       Via ferratas

•       Ravines

•       Kayak

•       Hidrospeed

•       Canoeing

•       Climbing

For families, children and the elderly there are many visits and excursions. Some of them can be done with your own vehicle.

Visit to the town of Montgarri, visit to the Uelhs deth Joeu (source of the Jueu river and waterfall), visit to the Saut deth Pish, Aran Park (animal park), the Aran Valley adventure park (ideal for both parents and children), stroll along the many roads and routes that run through the different towns of the Aran Valley.

Ask us about specialized agencies in the area.

Ski and snow

Ski and snow

Enjoy one of the best ski resorts in the country. The Baqueira-Beret station, located in the same valley, becomes a privileged area due to the quality of its snow. Its north orientation, its climate and the care of its slopes favor better quality and quantity snow and its maintenance for a longer time.

The Baqueira-Beret resort offers different types of slopes that allow you to practice alpine skiing and snowboarding at all levels, from the most inexperienced beginner to those who already have a good style and only use red and black slopes.

The skier will find in the Aran Valley a good number of schools and specialized instructors for all types of students, even for people with special requirements, such as some type of disability; in addition to having monitors who speak different foreign languages.

In the Aran Valley you can enjoy other winter activities related to snow:

•       Dog sled tours

•       Snow bike excursions

•       Snowshoe excursions

•       Heliski

And other activities that can be carried out both independently or by hiring the various specialized agencies in the different activities.



Another of the great attractions of the Aran Valley is its great gastronomic culture.

Traditional dishes such as "òlha aranesa", patés and craft cheeses, game meat stews, the typical "crespets" or sturgeon and nacarii caviar (made in the Aran Valley) are some of the dishes that visitors will find in the many restaurants in the area specialized in Aranese cuisine.

There are also numerous shops where you can buy typical and craft products such as home-made patés, sausage, craft cheeses, jams and typical liqueurs such as aigua de nodes (walnut liquor) or craft beer made in the Aran Valley.

A must-see are the facilities where nacarii caviar is made, where you will learn first-hand all the secrets of caviar and sturgeon meat.



For the visitor looking for a few days of relaxation, the Aran Valley offers the possibility of submerging in sulphurous waters as the Romans did, in the middle of nature and benefiting from their mineral-medicinal properties.

We can enjoy these benefits in the Termas de la Baronia located in the town of Les, and in Els Banhs de Tredós, located on the Ribera d'Aiguamoig, within the periphery of the Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes, which, located at 1,740 m., is the highest spa in Europe.



The bicycle will become your great ally if you want to get to know the Aran Valley in depth and enjoy nature. You can enjoy signposted routes both in the mountains and on the road, walks along the river or through the villages of the Valley or technical descents through the lush forests.

If the road is your thing, you will be able to access epic ports that have been the scene of major competitions such as the Tour de France or La Vuelta of Spain.

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Nearby places of interest

Nearby places of interest

•       Baqueira-Beret ski resort: 15km

•       Les caviar factory 13.4 km

•       Termas Baronía in Les 14,1 km

•       Museum of Vielha 150 Mtrs

•       Factory Era Lana 150 Mtrs

•       Museum of Joanchiquet 12 Km

•       Minas Victoria 14 km

•       Cheese factory 11.5 Km

•       Caldes de Boí Spa 16 km

•       Golf de Luchon18.7 km

The Urogallo Hotel
The Urogallo Hotel
The Urogallo Hotel
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The Urogallo Hotel
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